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All about money

Last week (sorry for the delay) it was announced that ESPN and FOX signed a 2.7 billion dollar twelve-year contract with the PAC-12. As a duck myself, this is huge! This literally means that ESPN and FOX will pay the PAC-12 for the exclusive broadcasting rights to its games starting next school year.

In an ESPNU College Football podcast, Ivan Maisel and Beano Cook discuss the largest broadcasting deal in college sports history. Us west coasters have felt underrated for decades with the belief that media tend to give more credit to east coast college sports teams and less to west coast schools. For example, when Oregon played Tennessee in the 2010 pre-season media favored Tennessee even though Oregon was ranked much higher in all the polls. So Maisel asks the question, does this deal mean the infamous east coast bias is no longer?

Podcast: ESPNU College Football 05-04-2011

Getting a contract like this brings in tons of money to each school in the PAC-12. In fact, this deal will nearly cover all University of Washington’s costs of building a new football stadium. This money will never be spent on a professor, new computers or anything to do with a college classroom. College athletics is a business, and as Cook says, the only difference between college sports and professional sports is that professional sports get paid. And lets be real, can we even be sure of that anymore?

But all this scandal and money surrounding college athletics today only means one thing for public relations professionals: job security.

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