How to be a ‘man of the people’

Today, ESPN posted a video of Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard talking about interacting with fans via Twitter and his future in the NBA. I’m not a huge Dwight Howard fan, but he’s definitely doing something right.

Watching this video reminded me of a post I wrote a while back titled “How not to tweet…for athletes.” It takes more than being an incredible athlete to get lots of followers. Shaq is the most followed athlete on Twitter for a reason; he’s entertaining.

Contrary to what many believe, Twitter is not about spitting out whatever you’re thinking every second of every day. It’s a quick fast way to network and create and foster a larger community. It is a way to interact with people who you wouldn’t normally come into contact with on a more personal level…and a much less creepy one compared to friending or faning on Facebook.

Similarly, Dwight is doing more than just mindlessly creating content and shoving it into the micro-blogosphere, he’s engaging. This is was not only increases followers, but sustains them. And sustainability is key.

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