Baby Tiger steps

I read an article this morning via Yahoo! Sports talking about Tiger Woods’ latest encounter with the media, and get this…it made him look good. The golfer is sidelined for a knee injury and was scheduled to talk to the media yesterday. Before the press conference, Woods tweeted,

For once, the media didn’t hold up their end of the bargain. The deal was over with the first question, but right after the press conference Tiger tweeted he would still donate the money to the charity. While money can’t buy a good reputation (or get one back), this is a pretty good start. Tiger has obviously still got a long way to go…baby steps…

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One thought on “Baby Tiger steps

  1. Love this post. Even through his “difficulties,” I’m a Tiger fan. While it’s hard to separate the personal life of a celebrity from the public life, I’m a firm believer that privacy should be respected–and this was a family matter.
    Tiger is working hard to rebuild his public image, and so far I’m impressed.

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