Facts4Lance…or is that against?

Last week, ESPN Page 2 posted their Power Rankings. At the top of the list was Facts4Lance.com, Lance’s website to combat doping accusations and media attacks.

In the article, ESPN points out Lance’s website was a good plan…in theory. The cyclist is at the center of a major scandal. Here’s a guy, amazing athlete, diagnosed with cancer, but fights for his life to make the comeback of a lifetime, literally. He created the Livestrong brand that stands for surviving cancer. He has positioned himself as a hero and it looks as if that’s vanishing right before his eyes.

This got me thinking. In my PR classes, we always learn about crisis communications; what we should do if our brand has done something wrong and people find out. But what about if you’re wrongly accused? What do you do then?

Regardless of whether Lance doped or not, Facts4Lance.com may be doing more harm than good. This guy that use to warm the hearts of America and stand for hope is now coming off defensive, angry and aggressive. He’s getting mad at the same broadcasters that may have been willing to give him a chance to explain himself. Now, not so much.

The moral of this story is don’t burn bridges, because at least once in every lifetime we all have to cross a river we thought we’d never have to. And what then? Well, then you’re stuck.

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4 thoughts on “Facts4Lance…or is that against?

  1. Brian says:

    The best part of this site is its simplicity. Your words are very powerful; there is no need to write on and on about this. In just a very few paragraphs the strength of the story is clear. Each paragraph gets stronger and you really make the ultimate point with the last one.

  2. Andrew says:

    I think what you said is very well written, I found this from someone that retweeted it. I think your point is very correct, but in this certain scenario it is tough because Lance and his PR team have been fighting these accusations for over 10 years now. I think anyone would be angry and defensive at this point. His team really has ran out of positive swinging methods and is really out of ammo, I believe this was the reason for the site. Anyway thankyou for giving some actual PR insight as this was never anything I covered in college.

  3. DJ says:

    Lance has always been “defensive, angry and aggressive” with anyone who has questioned him. The difference here is that the US media are now questioning him for the first time. He’s acted this way towards the european press who have questioned him since 1999. It’s just never been reported over here.

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