Think before you speak…and after

Editor and weekend blogger for SBNation Andy Hutchins posted an article comparing Miami Heat star LeBron James’ “retarded” comment to Kobe Bryant’s gay slur.

For those of you who don’t know, here’s the story. During a post-game interview on Saturday, James called a reporter (or the question she was asking to Dwyane Wade) “retarded.” A little over a month prior, Bryant responded to an unfavorable call by calling the ref a “f*&^ing f@##*t.”

So while others decide which comment is worse, I’d like to ask the question: why can one be let off the hook? Both slurs were derogatory, offensive and downright disrespectful. And it’s not as if these two are new to the media game. James’ announcement to move to Miami from his home-team of Cleveland was named one of the biggest PR blunders of 2010. Bryant was taken to court for allegedly raping a girl (not his wife) years ago branding him for the years to come. My point is, these boys should know better.

When you’re skating on thin ice, the worst thing you can do is jump.

Last night, James apologized saying, “First of all, I want to apologize for using the ‘R’ word after Game 3. If I offended anyone, I sincerely apologize.” If you offended anyone? Nice try. I’ll give James a little credit for taking responsibility for his mistake, but I’ll also say his apology could have been more sincere. When you’re apologizing for a mistake, the last thing it should sound like is someone is making you say it.

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2 thoughts on “Think before you speak…and after

  1. newzkorner says:

    It is nice technique to convey your message with the help pf video 🙂

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