And the punches keep on coming…

As if the the suspensions weren’t enough. The Columbus Dispatch reported yesterday that Ohio State University’s chief enforcer of NCAA rules will investigate used-car purchases made by dozens of OSU athletes at two Columbus car dealers to see if any sale violated collegiate rules.

“We’ll take a step back, we’ll take a look at the transactions and the values, and we’ll make some determinations in consultation with the (Big Ten) conference office and go from there,” said Doug Archie, associate athletic director and head of compliance at OSU. “I have nothing to believe a violation has occurred,” he said.

Where do we begin. The article explains that 50 sales will be investigated including the eight athletes and eleven athletes’ relatives who bought cars from Jack Maxton Chevrolet and Auto Direct during the past five years which was uncovered by The Dispatch earlier. Two dozen of the sales to be investigated were by Aaron Kniffin who worked for both dealerships.

The Dispatch reports that public records from 2009 reveal then-sophomore linebacker Thaddeus Gibson was titled a 2-year-old Chrysler 300 with less than 20,000 miles for a nice purchase price of $0.

What does Archie mean, “I have nothing to believe a violation has occurred”? Isn’t Kniffin being a common thread something? Aren’t records showing a car was given to Gibson something?

Crisis communications started the second The Dispatch uncovered the sales records. There is a difference between saying “no comment” and “I have nothing to believe a violation has occurred.” It feels like I’ve said this a million times, transparency is the best policy, and if there are questions you can’t yet answer, say what you are doing something to find out the answer. And since the hits just keep on coming for Ohio State, Archie should probably learn what this transparency thing is all about.

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