Happy Mother’s Day. Love, Derrick Rose

“Professional athletes disappoint us all the time.” That’s how Melissa Isaacson started her ESPN Chicago article today about Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose being named the youngest NBA MVP. And truthfully, isn’t that kind of what this blog is all about? But in this case it isn’t about what Rose did wrong, but about what he did right.

Rose stood up in front of countless media, and he didn’t thank his coach, his team, God or credit his own talent. He thanked his mom.

What better PR than a speech straight from the heart. Rose’s speech wasn’t clouded with key messages about the Bulls or hard work or his drive as a player. He wasn’t working for his brand tonight. But isn’t that the funny thing? I sit in class making public relations plans, social media strategies, always thinking about building a brand and staying true to that image. But when it comes down to it, if your brand is true, honest and transparent, there are no key messages haunting your words, there’s just you. And that kind of clarity is the best branding you can’t buy.

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